Mario Fabiilli

The goal of our lab is to develop ultrasound-based, drug delivery strategies to improve efficacy and mitigate toxicity of various classes of therapeutic agents (e.g., proteins, DNA).   The use of focused ultrasound enables us to control the localization of a therapeutic agent in both space and time.  Non-invasive ultrasound also enables active control of drug release and uptake, which is unlike conventional drug formulations or delivery techniques.  Our strategy could ultimately enable personalization of a drug therapy based on patient response.     

Our research is highly interdisciplinary, with the following broad areas of interest:

Physics - understanding the acoustic mechanisms involved in ultrasound-based, drug delivery

Chemistry - identifying how acoustic mechanisms impact the structure and bioactivity of therapeutic payloads delivered via ultrasound

Biology - elucidating how highly focal delivery effects biological processes as well as the effects of therapeutic ultrasound at the cellular, tissue, and organism level

Engineering - designing highly biocompatible, ultrasound-responsive delivery vehicles

Our lab is located at 3225 Medical Sciences Building I, which is on the University of Michigan Medical School campus. 

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